Alang observes bandh for second consecutive day

Alang observes bandh for second consecutive day
Press Trust of India / Ahmedabad October 14, 2012, 04:07

Till the 135-odd ship breaking units in the Alang Ship Breaking and Recycling Yard area in Bhavnagar district remained closed following the bandh call given by the Ship Recycling Industries Association India (SRIAI).Ship-breaking companies at Alang Ship Yard observed bandh for the second consecutive day today protesting arrest of three ship-breakers under stringent IPC sections in connection with the death of six labourers in a blast on an oil tanker while it was being dismantled there.

Ship Breaking Industry at Bangladesh

Meanwhile, representatives of various plastic, chemical, transport and other industry associations too have lent their support for the protest, SRIAI joint secretary Nikhil Gupta said.

“We plan to observe bandh on Monday as well,” Gupta told PTI, adding that they were discussing whether to give a call for Bhavnagar bandh as well.
Gupta said that the state and Central government had suffered revenue loss to the tune of Rs 50 crore owing to the bandh.
“Workers will be paid their wages even for the bandh days. Besides, SCCI has decided to pay Rs 1 lakh to the family members of the deceased in addition to the amount they would get from workers compensation fund,” Gupta said.
An explosion and subsequent fire on the oil tanker that was being dismantled at the yard on October 6 led to the death of five labourers on the spot while one person succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. One labourer is still recuperating in a hospital.
Days after the blast, the police arrested proprietors of Kiran Ship Breaking Company, namely, Ram Kishan Jain and Vipan Kumar Jain and their manager Rajesh Jugud in connection with the incident, under IPC section 304 for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. The protesters are demanding that they may be charged for death due to negligence.
Kiran Ship owns the plot where the Portuguese tanker was being dismantled when the accident took place

Iphone 4s Prices Slashed in India

One of the biggest indications that Apple may launch the iPhone 5 in India in the near future could be that the price of the previous-generation 16GB iPhone 4S had been slashed to Rs 41,500 around 10 days ago, while that of the iPhone 4 to Rs 28,300. Our sources within the official Apple retail chain have now confirmed that the prices of the iPhone models have been slashed even further. The 16GB iPhone 4S is now priced at Rs 38,500, and the iPhone 4 at Rs 26,500.

The iPhone 4S, though a year old is still an attractive option, that is if you do not mind a smaller display compared to the mammoth sized ones available now. The handset supports all the features of iOS 6 which makes it an option worth considering if an iPhone is the handset you are looking to purchase.

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BSNL’s revised 2G and 3G Data Plans for Prepaid & Postpaid (GPRS Packs)

BSNL has lost a number of subscriber after swiping the unlimited internet packs. Now there is no unlimited plans at all in the GSM and 3G segment, in any telecom circle. But the plans are still worthy and cost-effective. Instead of Rs. 274 unlimited pack they have introduced Rs. 270 pack in prepaid. This pack offers 10GB data usages.
The revised data plans in 2G and 3G segments are as follows. These plans are available in all circles. Please note the exact tariff may vary by 3 rupees from circle to circle to prevent conflicting with other tariff.
All these 2G and 3G data plans are available for your data card also
Please note:The BSNL 2G data STV 98 (Prepaid) and GPRS Pack 89 (Postpaid) will be costlier from October 1st. The new prices will be Rs. 125 and Rs. 111 respectively. The data benefit with old denomination will be 1250MB instead of 2GB. So, recharge before October and get more data at less price.
1) Postpaid 2G internet plans:-
FMC of plan in Rs./Month* Free data usage Additional usage charges with pulse rate of 10KB
Day/Any time usage Night Usage
Nil Nil Nil Rs.0.04/10KB
49 300 MB 2 GB Rs.0.04/10KB
89 1250MB Rs.0.04/10KB
111 2000MB Rs.0.04/10KB
199 4 GB 4 GB Rs.0.04/10KB
249 10 GB Rs.0.04/10KB
*Service tax as applicable extra.
555 Plan has been replaced by Rs300 plan.
2) Prepaid 2G Internet plans:-
MRP of RCV in Rs.^ Free data usage Additional usage charge with pulse rate of 10KB Validity in days
Day/Any time usage Night Usage
Nil Nil Nil Rs.0.04/10KB NA
7 100 MB Nil Rs.0.04/10KB 1 day
14 200 MB Nil Rs.0.04/10KB 3 days
54 500 MB Nil Rs.0.04/10KB 30 days
98 1250MB^^ Rs.0.04/10KB 30 days
125 2GB^^ Rs.0.04/10KB 30 days
219 4 GB 4 GB Rs.0.04/10KB 30 days
270 10GB Rs.0.04/10KB 30 days
300 8GB Rs.0.04/10KB 90 days
^ MRP of RCV is inclusive of Service Tax @12.36%
^^ Effective from 1 October 2012.
555 Plan is by Rs 300 plan.
Data card rates are also same for mobile users.
According to this table you can say that BSNL has capped an upper limit to its data plans Rs 270 for 10 GB (Earlier we have unlimited data usages in Rs 274) in 2G segment.

Unlimited 3G Data Plans:

Prepaid (Ctop) Postpaid (FMC899)
Plans Valid till: 2 April 2012 17 April 2012
Charges per month MRP: Rs 992/- FMC Rs 899/-
Usage upto 5GB 3.6Mbps 3.6 Mbps
Usage beyond 5GB 100 Kbps 100 Kbps
Benefit Availability Home + Roaming Home + Roaming
Note: Prices could vary by Rs. ±3/- from circle to circle.

New 3G Plans which are available from 1 June 2012:

New Prepaid 3G packs

MRP in Rs.
Including S. Tax
Free Usage
(in MB)
(In Days)
 151  1GB  7
 250  1.25GB  30
 450  2.5GB  30

 New Postpaid 3G Packs
 222  1.25 GB  Tax extra
 400  2.5 GB  Tax extra

Prepaid 3G data plans (aka 3G internet packs)

Current Prepaid packs New plan from (1 May 2012)

MRP in Rs.
Including S. Tax
MRP in Rs.
Including tax
Free Usage
(in MB)
(In Days)
100  No change 225 15
200  No change 500 15
400  300 1,000 30 *From May 1st, 2012
606  600 (90 days validity)* 3,000 30 1000MB (Day)+ 2000MB (Night),
*From May 1st, 2012
716  500 2,000 30
1,250 (750)  750 5,000 30
1,800 (1260)  1099 10,000 30
2,250 (1575)  1500 15,000 30
2,500  NA 20,000 60
3,000 30,000 90
Amount in brackets will be available till April 30th, 2012

Postpaid 3G Data plans.

 Postpaid Current  Postpaid Effective from 1 May.

FMC in Rs.
Including S. Tax
FMC in Rs.
Service Tax Extra
Free Usage
(in MB)
For Days Remarks
 0 Nil  4p/10KB
369  270 1,000 30 *From May 1st, 2012
549 540 3,000 30 1000MB (Day)+ 2000MB (Night),
*3GB anytime From May 1st, 2012
649  450 2,000 30
1,133 (680) 670 5,000 30
1,633 (1143) 1100 10,000 30
2,039 (1427) 1350 15,000 30
NA 2500 30,000 30 New Plan
Amount in brackets will be available till April 30th, 2012
Also All Data usage beyond free bundled use will be charged at 4 paisa/10KB. Earlier it was 2p/10KB.
Note: As per TELECOM CONSUMERS PROTECTION REGULATIONS- 2012 act all data plans have been renamed as STV instead of standard recharge. STV can’t provide main balance and it also can’t have more than 90 days validity.
BSNL Subscriber can check their Prepaid Data usage by Dialing *123*10#, *123*4# or *123*6#.
Please Note: This post is regularly updated to meet the current offer/tariff or announcements made by BSNL. This is why you may find some old comments here. These plans are available on PAN India basis, You may refer to your Circle’s site to get local offers.
Updated on October 4th, 2012
Cons. of BSNL 2G and 3G Data Packs: Costumers should have to maintain minimum balance of Rs. 50 in their prepaid account to enjoy packs, otherwise GPRS service will be temporarily suspended (till account balance reaches Rs. 50).
When packs ended/Bundled data exhausted they don’t inform and charges per kbps. Soon the Rs. 50 goes to ZERO. Than they disconnect Active connection.
For example: If you recharge your mobile with 2GB gprs pack, you have to pay Rs. 89 (To use BSNL GPRS you have to maintain Rs. 50 in your account.). In some day you enjoyed surfing and only some data remains suppose 20 MB. Another day you go online and started surfing. In some time you used all your remaining bundled Data(that is 20MB) and forgot to monitor the usages. Now they will charge at normal rate i.e.Rs 0.04/10KB (~Rs4/MB) and soon you will lose all your balance.
In this case the real cost Rs.89+ Rs50= Rs.139 for 2.025 GB (2GB bundled free usage + 12.5 MB charged @4p/10KB)
Remember in this case, I supposed their was only Rs. 50 as your main balance. In real condition this may be 100 or 200 or even more. You will lose all your balance if you forget to check your remaining free usage. I was a regular user of BSNL’s GPRS and lost at least Rs 500 due to this reason.
So, Be careful!
However comparing with other 2G GPRS Packs BSNL is found to be best in 2G GPRS packs. And If we talk about 3G Data packs BSNL is not best in terms of speed but fair in price. Please leave your experience with your GPRS packs below
There are also a number of people who have surfed BSNL GPRS without having any balance in their main account. So, Check yourself if you are lucky one!

Blast on Union Brave at Alang

Blast on Union Brave at Alang

An explosion and subsequent fire on-board a beached tanker at the Alang-Sosiya Ship Recycling Yard in India killed five workers and severely injured two others on Saturday, according to Indian officials. The fire broke out at 12.45 pm on the 163-metre-long MT Union Brave, a tank-ship purchased recently by Bhavnagar-based Kiran Ship Breaking Co. for recycling. The vessel was beached at plot 82.
Witnesses said the fire appears to have broken out after workers used blow torches to cut open a compartment near the pump-room towards the rear part of the ship. Workers in other parts of the yard did much of the rescue work and cut open more parts to pull out their trapped co-workers. They apparently found two workers on a higher part of the ship and pulled them out, but could not enter deep enough to rescue five others who were trapped in the inferno. The fire was brought under control and emergency responses wrapped up around 6 pm, said a witness. More than half of the tank-ship had already been cut apart as part of the recycling process.

Launching Tomorrow ! Samsung Galaxy 3s Mini

I’s official. Samsung has confirmed that it will be launching the 4 inch version of their flagship Galaxy S III device called the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini tomorrow. Samsung’s Mobile chief JK Shin was quoted in the Korean press as saying, “There’s a lot of demand for a 4-inch screen device in Europe. Some call it an entry-level device, but we call it mini.”

The device will be launched in Frankfurt, Germany. No other details about the smartphone have be revealed by the South-Korean firm. Since it is believed to be an entry-level device, it’s likely that the device will cost much less. No news on when it will come to India and at what price.

According to the rumour mills, the Galaxy S III Mini will have a 4-inch Super AMOLED display with WVGA resolution, a 5-megapixel camera, dual core-processor and will run on the latest Android OS, Jelly Bean.
It seems that there will be two version of the device, one with NFC capability, the other without it. According toEngadget, retailers in Europe’s northernmost countries listed two version of the Mini with the codename GT-I8190 in blue and white, with or without an NFC.
This new terminal would have the internal name SHV-E170K, and obviously use Android operating system, and is compatible with LTE. For the rest of its specs, you could say that Galaxy S3 is a small, in all senses. Your processor, while good, is two cores, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, capable of running at 1.5 GHz Your camera, on the other hand, stays in the five megapixel, meeting the minimum requirements in a country like Korea . This would be attached to a camera of 1.3 megapixels. The whole device could be controlled through the touch screen of 4.3 inches, slightly smaller than the Galaxy of 4.8 pugadas S3. However, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Mini S3 and would be Super AMOLED QHD resolution of 960 by 540 pixels.
The S3 terminal would be similar to normal, his older brother, and could lead nicknamed Jaguar. Although currently only expected in the Korean nation, it is possible that Samsung chooses to take it to other countries as a cheaper alternative to the Galaxy S3. This possibility is strengthened by knowing that there are other two models share name, E170S and SHV-SHV-E170L, which could be different versions for the same country, or the versions that came, for example, Europe and USA.chip, for $540 and $560, respectively.

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